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New Orleans Saints Embroiled In Controversial ‘Bounty’ Scandal

Is it us or does the NFL sound like it’s turning into the wild wild west? This week, news broke about a potential “bounty” scandal involving the New Orleans Saints and payoffs for injuries inflicted on the field. Similar to those “Wanted” posters you’d see in a cowboy flick, players would earn rewards for doing damage to opposing quarterbacks.

Of course, the entire Saints organization is denying the accusation. Owner Tom Benson publicly supported head coach Sean Payton, who the NFL claims had a part in initiating the bounties.

“The bond between Sean and Mr. Benson could not be stronger,” a team official told The Associated Press. “[Benson] is 110 percent behind his guys.”

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the league is. The investigation is still underway and Payton and GM Mickey Loomis could be in big trouble if the charges hold up. According to reports, if the bounty allegations are proven to be true, the Saints would be fined and lose out on essential 2012 draft picks.



By Michael Lopez

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