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New ‘Scarface’ Movie In The Works

Universal Pictures announced some very exciting Scarface sequel news this week. But before you start thinking Tony Montana Jr., be warned. Their newest “re-imagining” of the franchise will involve all new characters and possibly new culturas.

History buffs will know that the 1983 Scarface movie was based on an earlier version released in 1932. Though the general story of a gun-toting immigrant was the same, much got changed when Al Pacino stepped into the starring role.

This new Scarface will follow that same formula. Universal execs are confirming that the revamp will focus on “a twisted version of the American dream.” They may even take the same premise and apply it to immigrants from the Middle East, Russia, or beyond.

But, it is important to note that 1983’s Scarface producer Martin Bregman is involved the project and surely he knows how popular Tony Montana has become. So we’re very hopeful that at least some remnants of the Cuban anti-hero will remain intact.


By Michael Lopez





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