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New song from Nicki Minaj,“Chiraq,” features help from Lil Herb

New song from Nicki Minaj,“Chiraq,” features help from Lil Herb

Nicki Minaj is teasing the world as her fans await the release of her third studio album, “The Pink Print.” (She says she’s leaking a track a week, or somesuch.) Along the way, with last night’s online release of the song “Chiraq,” she’s giving major shine to the South Side’s Lil Herb, who is one of the more lyrically adept rappers in the city’s popular drill music scene.

Herb, 18, has a verse and spits the hook, which was actually first heard in his 2012 release “Kill Sh*t.” That said, Minaj’s song features a sinister beat and production by Boi-1da, Vinylz and Allen Ritter. Also in the song, she references a recent situation with Malcolm X’s daughters in which they objected to her use of an iconic image of Malcolm X in association with the release of her recent song “Looking A** Ni**a.” (That imagery didn’t go over well. Minaj wound up apologizing via Instagram.)

Anyhoo… Here’s Herb’s hook on the new song “Chi-raq.”

Know a couple ni**s that’s down to ride
For a homicide when it’s drama time
Run up on a ni**a with the llamas flyin
Leave his loved ones all traumatized
One fifty I’m really with it
I’ll drop his ass and then forget it
I’m the man round my side of town
Might see a b*tch and forget I hit it.

His actual verse is riddled with gang references and takes a few listens to unpack. But the end of the song also features Herb and his various references to Tec-9s, Mac-10s, Glocks, Berettas and their ammo.

In part he quips: “What you want? How you want it? Where you want it? When you want it, man? I ride dolo from state to state even when I aint 150. Chiraq all the way to Queens.”

And there you have it. Outside of sports and popcorn and President Barack Obama, Chicago’s biggest export apparently is the term Chi-raq.

Here’s the song, obviously not suitable for work.


By Adrienne Samuels Gibbs



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