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New Tomb Raider Movie Will Take Inspiration From The 2013 Video Game

New Tomb Raider Movie Will Take Inspiration From The 2013 Video Game

As some of you may already know, a new Tomb Raider movie (a reboot) is coming our way, thanks to Warner Bros. and MGM, with Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug (Escape, The Wave) sitting in the director’s chair and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Transformers 5) on script duties.

Sitting with IGN for a bit of a chat, Uthaug confirmed that yes, the upcoming movie will be an origin story much like the 2013 Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix hit video game.

When he was asked if the new games (Tomb RaiderRise of the Tomb Raider) would influence his film, the director praised Crystal Dynamics’ ability to make Lara Croft into a relatable character (giving the globe-trotting adventurer a new origin story along the way), saying that his Tomb Raider reboot will take a similar approach with the iconic video-game character.

“I think making Lara Croft feel like a real human being, that’s definitely something we want to bring to the big screen as well. I think we’ll want to make people relate to Lara as a character. I’m hoping to bring some of my Norwegian sensibilities to the franchise.”

Overall, the project could end up being in the right hands (let’s hope that it is) if only because the guy has been an avid player since the original Tomb Raider first came out back in 1996 (boy does it seem like yesterday), meaning he understands what makes Lara Croft tick. It’s part of the reason why he was so keen to sign on the dotted line in the first place.

“I’ve always been a fan of strong female characters, and I think I’ve had strong female characters in all my previous movies, so that’s something I thought was interesting. Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of my favorite films growing up, so it’s definitely a dream to work in that kind of genre. I think we’ll want to make it feel like a modern action movie and to make what’s going on feel like it’s going on for real.”



by Nathalie Caron

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