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Nick Stahl: All About His Disappearance – And His Past

Nick Stahl: All About His Disappearance – And His Past


In his most recent film, Nick Stahl plays a man looking for his missing wife.

In a bizarre real-life parallel, Stahl is now missing. While police continue their search for the 32-year-old actor, who was last seen on May 9, the director of 388 Arletta Avenue says he saw no signs of trouble when he shot the thriller with Stahl in Toronto a year and a half ago.

“He was fantastic – not a single problem,” director Randall Cole tells PEOPLE. “He was a total professional and knew his lines. There was no diva behavior at all.” Nor was there any hint of turmoil between Stahl and his wife Rose, who visited the set along with their then-infant daughter, Marlo. But court documents filed earlier this year tell a different story.

In February, Rose filed a petition calling for child support from her husband. Those papers also state that she would have their daughter 100 percent of the time and Stahl would have eight hours of supervised visitation per week. He was also required to take a drug test within 24 hours of each visitation.

Back in 2010, however, the couple “looked happy together,” says Cole. “Whatever is going on now, it wasn’t happening then. He was totally on his game. He is not an actor who stays in character between takes. He was just himself, goofing around with the crew. He was a pleasant person to be around.”




By Michelle Tauber and Howard Breuer



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