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“No More Silence” Vol. 1 – Austin Musicians For Transformative Justice – Out Today



Austin, TX – The Austin music community has come together to launch the compilation “No More Silence” Vol. 1 – Austin Musicians For Transformative Justice set for release on Friday, June 19, 2020 via Bandcamp. All proceeds from the album will go to the Austin Justice Coalition ( in addition to Bandcamp donating 100% of their share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (

The idea for the compilation came to fruition between two Austin musicians Kate Robberson of Ley Line and Nicolas Sanchez of Superfónicos. When the city of Austin became activated and enraged over the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless black lives lost daily to police brutality, the musicians wanted to find a way to use music to contribute to the conversation around social justice and Black Lives Matter.

Kate elaborates, “We wanted to use our platform to amplify a message of unity, to amplify black Austin artists, as well as, world artists, and to raise funds for our local social justice organizations. Music has always been a unifying force across the world, but we still see a lot of ways that Austin can improve in being more inclusive in representation, funding, and diversity amongst our artists and the spaces they perform. We created this album as a way to show solidarity, but also continue the conversations around how we can make real systematic change from a grassroots level in our industry by standing up for voices that matter.”

The members of Ley Line swiftly reached out to the Austin music community and in just five days received nearly 30 submissions. With so much amazing music, the project will be released as two volumes in order to continue raising funds and awareness. “No More Silence” Vol. 2 – Austin Musicians For Transformative Justice will be available July 3, 2020.

Lydia Froncek (Ley Line) details the process, “In selecting the music for the album, we wanted to make sure that not only a variety of genres were represented but that we put forward the voices of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). We had a brainstorming session and reached out to artists we know through the organization Black Fret including Swimming with Bears and Ray Prim, artists we’ve collaborated with in the past like Gina Chavez and Brownout, Austin world music artists including Superfónicos and close friends. We were also very excited to receive submissions from bands like Wood & Wire and Tomar and the FCs, as well as up and coming artists like Daniel Fears and DRINT. In curating this album, we wanted to uplift the diversity of Austin music and show that there are voices to be listened to regardless of genre.”

The funds raised for the Austin Justice Coalition will help support the Racial Justice Group that educates and builds community power for people of color who live in Austin, TX. João Paulo M. Connolly from the AJC states, “Funds raised through this project will help us staff up, expanding our capacity and reach. This will allow us to continue to transform the city’s approach to public safety, building alternatives to conventional police engagement. An in-house expert on staff will help parse out information and data for the reduction of the use of force and ways to improve investigations. Funding someone to do this work full time will help us keep local politicians, authorities and policymakers accountable. We are closer now than we’ve ever been to hiring someone to do this important work. Any amount that gets us closer to that is so useful.”

Emilie Basez and Madeleine Froncek of Ley Line conclude, “There are two goals for this project. One is to raise funds and awareness for the NAACP and the Austin Justice Coalition. The second is to transform the music culture in Austin, moving towards inclusion, diverse lineups and equal opportunities for artists. This compilation album is just one way that Austin musicians are showing up and demanding systematic change in our city.”

The compilation can be purchased for $20 at featuring sixteen tracks showcasing Austin’s diverse talent. The album will available for one year, with funds continuing to benefit the Austin Justice Coalition and the NAACP.


  1. Swimming With Bears – Shiver & Crawl
  2. Brownout – Evolver
  3. Gina Chavez – La Que Manda
  4. Allysa Grace – People (Acoustic Version)
  5. Daniel Fears – No Substitutions
  6. Frederico7 – Exótico Americano
  7. Leti Garza – La Esperanza
  8. DRINT – Don’t Save Me
  9. DOPPEL – Turning Point
  10. Trouble in the Streets – Mad Science
  11. Jeff Hortillosa – Millionaire
  12. Ley Line – Ciranda
  13. Atlas Maior + Ali Pervez Mehdi – Nazuk
  14. Ray Prim – When it Don’t Feel Right
  15. Tomar and The FCs – Rise Above (Live at Antone’s)
  16. Superfónicos – El Adiós




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