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No Rain on Miami Heat’s Parade

No Rain on Miami Heat’s Parade


Despite the smack talking, the naysayers, the “haters,” and the Cleveland fans, they made it. Last Thursday, the Miami Heat won the NBA championship – something they had been coveting since “The Decision” was made. “The Decision,” which was the choice of NBA superstar LeBron James to move from Cleveland to Miami, left a bad taste in many people’s mouths (perhaps mostly because of the self-aggrandizing ceremony) that turned half of the country into Heat haters. And who do these people detest a little less than the team? The fans.

Throughout the past two seasons, sports analysts, commentators, speculators, enthusiasts and anyone who thought they knew anything about basketball hung on the Heat’s every move. Every shot, foul and play were scrutinized into tedious detail on shows like SportsCenter and FirstTake as if no other team existed – unless they were playing the Heat, of course. The critical observation didn’t stop off the court. From LeBron reading the Hunger Games to Wade’s glasses trend, observers didn’t miss a beat – yet the Heat prevailed.

Beating Oklahoma in Game 5 was the tip of the iceberg. Although it silenced some, many continued with their commentary on how the Heat “didn’t deserve this” – but on June 21st, when the clock struck zero, Miami stopped caring. It was as if the city had exploded. In every corner of the city, there was a celebration. Fans came out beating their casuelas, fireworks exploded and the Magic City didn’t sleep. Neither did the Heat players, for that matter, who had a lavish celebration at a club in South Beach.

The party didn’t stop there. Monday morning, 400,000 Miami-ites took the day off of work and headed towards Downtown for the celebration parade. In typical Miami fashion, there was Spanglish signs, Battier beating casuelas, some regeatton and a lot of noise. Also in typical Miami fashion, the city continues to celebrate.

Until next season, haters.

Are you glad the Miami Heat won the championship this year?

By Vero Gurdian



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