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North Dakota Newscast Team Gets Help From Special News Correspondant

North Dakota Newscast Team Gets Help From Special News Correspondant 2


Will Ferrell has been making the rounds as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy in preparation for the 2004 film’s hotly-anticipated sequel coming out in December.

He appeared in a series of ads for the Dodge Durango, and most recently, co-anchored an edition of Bismarck, N.D.’s KXMB’s broadcast.

Ferrell/Burgundy brought all his signature moves, slowly leaning into co-anchor’s Amber Schatz’s screen, before warning her that he’s married, so “Don’t get any ideas.” He casually reaches into sportscaster Jon Schaeffer’s frame and pats him on the shoulder mid-report at one point as well.

The other anchors can barely keep a straight face while Ferrell’s doing his schtick, particularly his over-enunciation of the word “s’mores,” and the ferocious emphasis he puts on “Dakota STORMCENTER.”

“It’s not too often you can get away with calling a sheriff’s deputy a dummy – even though I have,” begins one Burgundy-narrated segment. He closes out a report on a hockey game by saying, “I’ve never seen fighting in a hockey game before. That was fascinating,” and when questioned about how long it took him to grow his mustache, he quickly answers “About 20 minutes.”

You stay classy, Ron Burgundy.




By Alex Heigl



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