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Oasis Guitarist Rips On Lady Gaga

It’s hard to argue about the talents of Noel Gallagher. As the primary songwriter and lead guitarist of Oasis, he’s given the music world dozens of pop gems. But does he think Lady Gaga should be held in such high esteem? According to his latest interview, the answer is no.

“It’s all about the meat suit and the controversy,” Gallagher told Q Magazine. “Is it about the music? Really? [Lady Gaga’s] got the publicity side sorted out, but where’s the f***ing music?”

Noel’s comments seemed to be directed at the Little Monster’s ability to attract attention with her wild outfits and hairstyles. And even though several critics have praised Gaga’s songwriting abilities on Born This WayGallagher isn’t convinced.

He went on to call her “Madonna lite” and emphasized that in 20 years the world may forget about “Ms. Meat Suit.” Not surprisingly, thousands of Gaga’sTwitter followers have already risen to her defense, calling Noel “washed up” and “out of touch.”



By Michael Lopez



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