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Obama and Marc Anthony Make Money in Miami

Obama and Marc Anthony Make Money in Miami

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How do you get Hispanics to pay attention to politics? By hosting a salsa concert, of course – or at least that’s what President Barack Obama hoped for this Tuesday. $100 got you a ticket to the performance by Marc Anthony, who sang with a 16-piece band for a crowd of approximately 2,300 at the Filmore Miami Beach. A mere $40,000 a plate got you an invite to the post-concert dinner.  Obama’s visit to Miami was crucial for two of his campaign goals – raising money and garnering Hispanic support.

Although his recent efforts with the LGBT and the DREAM Act have been applauded by many, excitement amongst Hispanics has dwindled after he failed to deliver an immigration reform and stepped up deportations of immigrants who are in the country illegally. Obama spoke for about 35 minutes, addressing what has to be done to heal our economy, applauding the Miami Heat and how to improve the current immigration situation.

“They are Americans through and through – except for their paperwork.”

The young woman who introduced the president, 32-year-old Maytee Lopez was Obama’s “example of what this campaign was all about.” Lopez is an American-born daughter of immigrants trying to finish her college degree.

The events in Miami Beach were quite successful. Obama collected over $1.2 million and received quite a few standing ovations at the Filmore, although none so much as Marc Anthony. Whether Miami came out for the Marc Anthony concert or to support Obama remains to be seen in November.



By Vero Gurdian

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