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Octomom in Trouble for Being Unfit Mom? Police Investigate Nadya Suleman

Octomom in Trouble for Being Unfit Mom? Police Investigate Nadya Suleman


Nadya  Suleman has gone to great lengths to support her 14 children—even posing nude and reluctantly accepting government assistance.

But on Tuesday, according to the La Habra Police Department, Octomom was the  subject of an investigation by both the city’s finest and the Orange County  Social Services after a woman told police she had concerns about the well-being  of Suleman’s children.

However, La Habra PD today announced that no signs of neglect or maltreatment  were noted during the investigation and no further actions were being taken. And  despite unsanitary reports to the contrary, La Habra police tell E! News the  Suleman’s home plumbing was indeed functional at the time of the visit.

As for the investigation itself, while Orange County Social Services does not  comment specifically on individual investigations, Terry Lynn Fisher, the public  information officer of the department, explained how the Suleman run-through  likely played out.

 “You have to look at the whole picture, not just one thing,” she told E!  News. “There are days when the plumbing goes out and you have to call a plumber.  It’s not against the law for people to leave unfolded laundry on the floor. It’s  not against the law to allow kids to draw on the walls and create  masterpieces.”

Which isn’t to say that’s the condition investigators were met with. Though  as for another reported aspect of the Suleman home—namely that there were  outdoor training toilets on the property—Fisher noted that had that been the  case, it wouldn’t necessarily merit a violation.

“Look, she’s toilet-training eight 3-year-olds,” Fisher said. “While the  situation may not meet your or my idea, it’s not against the law.”

Besides, Fisher said that she saw photos of the octo-house and said it was  far from the worst of what she’s experienced.

“While her home isn’t in pristine condition, it’s not against the law. It’s  nothing like the homes we have seen. I’ve seen a home where the walls looked  like they were moving, cockroaches crawling up and down the wall, even falling  out of the ceiling.

“Our goal is not to remove kids from the families. It’s to strengthen the  families. We make every attempt to let families stay together. We don’t yank  kids from the home unnecessarily. If we get a call that a child is being  neglected, they would look at the conditions, see if any immediate risk that  would place the children in danger.”

Earlier this month, Octomom’s car was vandalized and police investigated a possible death threat  against her.

“She is just anxious to move her family as quickly as possible,” Suleman’s  manager told E! News at the time.






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