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Official US Trailer – “COMO CORTAR A TU PATAN” – starring: Mariana Treviño, Christopher Von Uckermann, Camila Sodi & Sebastian Zurita

The official US trailer has been released for the romantic comedy, “COMO CORTAR A TU PATAN” (“How To Break Up With Your Douche Bag”) starring Mariana Treviño, Camila Sodi, Sebastian Zurita and Christopher Von Uckermann.

(“How To Break Up With Your Douche Bag”)
 In theaters October 13

Amanda (Mariana Treviño) is a successful psychologist with expertise in ending destructive relationships… she is also great at keeping her distance from any emotional commitments.  The things most important in her life are her career and keeping her sister Natalia (Camila Sodi) safe.  When she discovers her sister is in love with a douche bag, she plots an adventure that forces her to face her biggest challenge yet… love.

Cast:  Mariana Treviño, Christopher Von Uckermann, Camila Sodi and Sebastián Zurita
Directed By:  Gabriela Tagliavini
Written By:  Gabriela Tagliavini, Anis Rangel, Patricio Saiz, Ricardo Alvarez Canales
Produced By:  Leonardo Zimbrón & Mónica Vargas



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