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Ojani Noa Claims JLo And Him Are Still Married

Ready for your Friday scandal, boys and girls? Rumor has it that tabloid villainOjani Noa is now claiming him and Jennifer Lopez are still married.

Noa says the marriage was never terminated and the whole divorce was a fraud orchestrated by Jennifer without any say on his part. He insists the divorce never took place and is demanding that a Florida court open the case to decide their fate once and for all.

Oh, and he wants 10 million dollars to be done with all this, and for all the pain and suffering. Seriously? Let’s hope this is really a publicity stunt on his part andJLo doesn’t have to pay him a penny. This guy sounds like a real sleaze ball.

This attention whore recently made the news when he announced he was posing for Playgirl magazine. Although his reasons were purely to show off his buff bod, we’re convinced he just wants to steal more attention from his famous former wife.

I’m just wondering why he brought all this up now and not before. Perhaps his last grasp at the spotlight failed, when he tried to publish the former couple’s private videos filmed during their short 11-month marriage.

Noa went on El Gordo y la Flaca to say that JLo forced the whole divorce thing, without his consent. He says the divorce “fue todo pagado por ella y todo fue planificado por ella,” and everything has pretty much been a fraud.



By Ikam Acosta



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