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See the 1st iPhone-Connected Device That Tells You Exactly What Your Skin Needs

See the 1st iPhone-Connected Device That Tells You Exactly What Your Skin Needs 2

Jersey City, New Jersey (PRWEB) January 14, 2015 – mySkin Inc., the company that launched the world’s first unbiased skincare advice site, is proud to announce the debut of OKU, the world’s first iPhone-connected device that sees below the skin’s surface to analyze and address its needs. This revolutionary skin scanning device connects to an iPhone and serves as a personal skin coach, helping develop a customized and effective skin care regimen for healthy, glowing skin. The elegant, cube-shaped OKU comes with a breakthrough accompanying app, available for download from the iTunes store. Available for pre-order now in white-grey or blue-grey with red cable accents.

Harnessing Years of Knowledge and Expertise to Help Your Skin Look and Feel Its Very Best
gI_70697_OKU with appDrawing on over 100 years of combined research and expertise in their quest for healthy, glowing skin, the scientists and experts at the mySkin labs created the breakthrough OKU technology, bridging three separate scientific fields: dermoscopy, spectroscopy and nanotechnology. The device uses multi-spectral light and sensors which allows the device to virtually see below the skin’s surface and measure physiology around the skin. It then communicates with the custom built app that translates the images into user friendly advice that addresses the user’s skincare needs. The application shows areas for improvement, makes personalized lifestyle and diet recommendations. The first version of OKU comes with a special anti-aging application aimed specifically at helping achieve and maintain a youthful and luminous glow.

Simple to Use
To start measuring the condition of their skin, users simply place OKU on their face and, using a proprietary light innovation, begin the analysis process by pressing a single button. They will then be prompted to answer a few simple questions on lifestyle and diet. The results of the skin’s aging profile appear on the iPhone screen along with a Skinscore™. Users can then set daily aims for their skin, or make use of the device’s automatically set goals, taking the guesswork out of determining the best ways to improve your skin’s wellness and beauty.

Says mySkin CEO and co-founder, Rahul Mehendale: “Everyone wants their skin to look and feel its very best, with a smooth, flawless look and a youthful glow. OKU is a completely new category of skin wellness device that can help make this dream a reality. With OKU, everyone can now understand their skin better and develop their own customized skin care regimen and show off their very best face to the world!”

Consumers can use OKU daily to provide them with the best insight into the user’s skin. The more often OKU is consulted, the more precise the guidance and personal recommendations are. Even when used infrequently, OKU still offers valuable insights and suggestions for improving skin beauty and wellness. OKU helps monitor skin and proactively provides tips to put users back on track to achieve a natural glow. OKU launches its pre-order campaign today, and the first batch of OKUs will ship next month. While OKU will retail for $299.95, early bird pricing starts at $249.95 while limited supplies last. To learn more and pre-order OKU, visit:

In 2007, a world-renowned bio-physicist, a leading plastic surgeon, and two Harvard Business School classmates co-founded mySkin Inc. mySkin is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ. And is a pioneer in the field of skincare consultation technologies. It is the creator of the dermograph™, a transdermal skin imaging system used worldwide by leading luxury spas and skincare brands. mySkin also created the world’s largest online social beauty platform where people can get scientific and unbiased skincare advice based on their skin profiles and socially generated experiences from people who have similar skin types (known as SkinTwins™). mySkin’s technology is rooted in the field of skin cancer detection and derived from data gathered by scientists and dermatologists over many years of research.







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