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Olivia Wilde Returning for House Series Finale!

After we (gently, hopefully) broke the news that Lisa Edelstein won’t be returning to House before the show bows  out for good (sob!), we have some much happier (we think?) news to report: Olivia  Wilde will be back for the series finale!

But why are we not so sure this is happy news?

As you may remember, Dr. House (Hugh  Laurie) sent Olivia’s character, Thirteen, away to live the rest of  her days in a healthier, more positive environment than Princeton-Plainsboro  Hospital. (Thirteen is terminally afflicted with Huntington’s disease, a  long-running storyline on the series). So why is she back alongside the  cranky-pants medical wizard? We are concerned!

Sources are mum on the details of her return, but we can tell you Thirteen  will make her reappearance in the May 21 finale (as first reported by TVLine), and we are told it will be “memorable.” You don’t  say! We are prepared to sob buckets that night, as Fox will be presenting an  hourlong retrospective before the series finale.

You fans happy Olivia will be back? Who else are you gunning to see?

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