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Olivia Wilde Wants Marvel To Have Female Superheroes Deeper Characters

Olivia Wilde Wants Marvel To Have Female Superheroes Deeper Characters

Casting rumors for “Captain Marvel” have swirled ever since Marvel’s first female superhero film was announced last October. One name that has drawn some attention as of late is Olivia Wilde, who is calling for “a little more complexity” when it comes to Marvel’s female superhero roster.

It all started when Wilde’s “Meadowland” director Reed Morano retweeted a suggestion to the actress that the two should team up for “Captain Marvel.” Wilde’s response? “Oh hell yea. Let’s DO this.”

On Monday, the actress sat down with Cinema Blend to promote “Meadowland,” but conversation quickly turned to the Twitter exchange and Wilde’s stance on the state of female superheroes.

I’m a big fan of superhero films, and I have so much respect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The thing with female superheroes is that, in order to be powerful, they are flawless. The idea of kick-ass power lacks a certain nuance, at times. There is something to be said for a female director working to create a female superhero that perhaps [has] a little more complexity.

She went to describe how casting for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to be “unexpected.”

Marvel has been so smart about casting unexpected people for these roles. Look at what Robert Downey brought to Iron Man. A real, dry sense of humor and a complexity to his hero balance. I think that the way these Marvel heroes are written, the female superheroes included, do have complexity and flaws. But I think when they are translated into film, the women can become these ultimate goddesses of perfection and I would love to create a female Marvel character who is just as unexpected and complex as some of the male characters as Iron Man. I think that would be really cool!

Wilde later joked with frequent collaborator Mark Duplass on Twitter that she had already started preparing for the role.

We are inclined to agree that Wilde would make a marvelous addition to the superhero genre.



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