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Olivier Martinez Gets Hassled By L.A. Traffic Cops

After reading this story, it’s no wonder that Olivier Martinez wants to whisk his new fiancée back to France. While visiting Halle Berry in L.A., the Latin-blooded actor was pulled over for having no front license plate.

Sure it seems like a minor offense, but the LAPD has been known to issue some hefty fines for those types of violations. License and registration infractions can cost several hundreds of dollars and lead to “fix it” court appearances.

We’re sure that’s a big annoyance for Olivier, who clearly seemed miffed in the paparazzi shot that TMZ posted. Even more aggravating was the fact that he got pulled over right in front of his future stepdaughter’s school.

According to the gossip site though, Martinez was gracious about the incident and promised to pay the fine. With the kind of money his new Mrs. is pulling down, we’re sure covering the expense won’t be too big of a problem.



By Michael Lopez



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