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Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner Sara Lovell – “You’ve Got Me”

Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner Sara Lovell - "You've Got Me" 2

Celebrating the unbreakable connection between parent and child, independent recording artist Sara Lovell takes an adventurous leap forward with her fourth album — her first for kids and families — You’ve Got Me, which just won a prestigious Parents’ Choice Gold Award and is currently a finalist in the Independent Music Awards.

youve-got-me-by-sara-lovell-1A professional singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with wide-ranging musical interests and three previous, critically praised albums to her credit, Sara Lovell moved to Berkeley, California from Los Angeles several years ago with a desire to create a permanent home and become a parent.  She’s now a full-time, solo mom of an imaginative six-year-old who loves to paint his face and dance in front of the mirror.

You’ve Got Me follows a day in the life of a child, beginning with a song to rouse even the sleepiest sleepyhead and concluding with a reflective lullaby as the sun goes down.  Furry alligator puppies, runaway socks, musical skeletons and flying ships are just a few of the wonders to be encountered in Sara Lovell’s fanciful world.

You’ve Got Me effortlessly incorporates genres as diverse as ’70s-influenced pop, reggaeton, Afro-Caribbean, klezmer, and lounge.  Album highlights include a great blast of energy on “Dance Like There’s Music In Your Pants,” a deliciously spooky number, “The Skeleton Band,” the driving “I Can’t Wait,” and the Harry Nilsson-esque “Off To Bed We Go.”  Passionate gospel-influenced vocals are featured on the album’s title track, a heartfelt pledge of friendship and love.

You may sample the music here: .

Here’s Sara’s “Dance Like There’s Music in Your Pants” video:

Full Track listing:

1. We Get Up in the Morning

2. Furry Alligator Puppy

3. I Can’t Wait

4. Oh, I’m Bored

5. Dance Like There’s Music in Your Pants

6. I Can Tell We’re Gonna Be Friends 

7. Run Fast Little Rabbit

8. Don’t Play the Piano With Your Nose

9. Everybody Has a Body

10. Midnight Secret Sock Party

11. Tell Me Who’s the Monster 

12. An Unbreakable Cord

13. You’ve Got Me

14. Pajama Party

15. Off to Bed We Go

16. Look at the Stars

17. Skeleton Band

18. Night, Night Golden Sun 




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