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Pat Sajak: I’ve Been Drunk on Wheel of Fortune

Ever wonder why Pat Sajak has unending enthusiasm toward the purchase of a vowel?

Turns out, margaritas have something to do with it.

The host of the long-running game showWheel of Fortune says that back in the day, he and Vanna White occasionally had a drink – or six – while working on the show.

When asked by Dan Le Batard of Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable, which airs on ESPN 2, if he ever hosted the show while intoxicated, Sajak, 65, came clean.

“Yes,” the TV veteran admitted with a laugh. “When I first started and was much younger and could tolerate those things. We had a different show then.”

With a two-and-a-half hour dinner break during the game show’s early format, Sajak and White would drop by Los Arcos, a Mexican joint in Burbank, for margaritas.

“Vanna and I would … have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet,” he says. “I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay.”

Though he insists he no longer imbibes while at work, Sajak has a feeling those old shows would be fun to watch. “They’re really great tapes to get a hold of,” he says.

We’ll bring the chips and salsa when you find ’em, Pat!



By Rennie Dyball



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