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Patrick Dempsey Rescues Teen From Flipped Car


Patrick Dempsey might save lives on television, but he recently saved someone from a car accident in real life. The actor pulled a teenager from an overturned vehicle this weekend and even called his mother, telling her about the accident.

Weston Masset was trapped inside the wrecked car minutes after the Grey’s Anatomy actor witnessed the accident and pulled him to safety. Masset recalled, “I was scared for my life, I was upside down.”

After Patrick witnessed the car flip, he rushed over with a crow bar, pried the doors open, and pulled Weston out. He pulled the boy to a safe distance and called the paramedics, who then airlifted the boy to a nearby hospital.

Dempsey called Weston’s mother, Mary Beth Masset, to inform her about her son. Mary Beth said, “I asked if he was a paramedic and he said no, ‘this is Patrick Dempsey.'”

Talk about the old I’m-not-a-doctor-but-I-play-one-on-TV cliche coming true! The boy recalls his first exchange with Dempsey after regaining consciousness. He asked Dempsey if he was famous, and the actor replied, “Yeah, I’m a doctor.”

Dempsey even got props form a Masset family friend, Shawn Ryan, a showrunner for the FX hit cop drama The Shield. Ryan tweeted, “True Story: Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey pulled my friend’s son out of overturned car after bad accident on Tuesday. #GoodDude”

Way to go, Patrick! You have just joined the ranks of celebrities-turned-heroes like Ryan Gosling and Sofia Vergara.


By Ikam Acosta



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