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Paulina Rubio Demands Sole Custody In Divorce Courtroom

Paulina Rubio Demands Sole Custody In Divorce Courtroom


It may be time to call in Judge Judy for the Paulina Rubio/Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera divorce case. After months of verbal sparring, Pau Pau really let her ex have it in the courtroom, throwing out harsh words from the witness stand.

Rubio labeled Vallejo-Nagera a deadbeat dad and demanded that the court take away his custody rights from their son Nicolas Jr.

“He doesn’t care if [Nicolas Jr.] has a fever, if he has diarrhea, the only thing he cares about is going shopping with his sister and I’m against that,” Paulina said. “They took him out at nine in the morning and twelve hours later he was still dressed in the same clothes. He was very sick three weeks with a virus.”

Pau Pau also took the defensive, when Nicolas’ lawyers accused her of trying to sneak her son out of the country.

“[He] is defaming my honor, saying I should be put in jail for taking my son to Africa, when the only reason I took him there was to spend time away from the press,” Rubio added. “He says things that are lies, he keeps on distracting you from the clear things…I do not agree with the 50/50 custody, we have to figure things out.”

Or rather, the judge has to figure things out. And we’ll be very curious to hear if the decision sways after Vallejo-Nagera takes the stand.



by Michael Lopez



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