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Paulina Rubio’s Ex Wheedling For More Of Her Money

Paulina Rubio Demands Sole Custody In Divorce Courtroom


These days, Paulina Rubio can’t seem to escape the courtroom. Mexico’s “Golden Girl” may have to face a judge once again, with reports surfacing about her ex’s hefty alimony demands.

Nicolas “Colate” Vallejo-Najera filed a new set of legal docs this week, accusing Pau Pau of hiding bundles of cash during their divorce. Apparently he wants a piece of her X Factor paycheck, along with royalties from several other Spanish shows.

As of right now, Rubio has been ordered to pay Colate $6,750 a month for the next three years. But he believes she’s worth a helluva lot more and is pushing hard for an increase.

Not surprisingly, Paulina’s lawyers are fighting back. They claim that she’s paying more than her fair share and labeled Vallejo-Najera as a major “whiner.”


by Michael Lopez



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