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Paulina’s Arrest In Miami Could Potentially Save Us!

Ok, girls, thanks to Paulina Rubio, we now have a new proven excuse to get out of a ticket or avoid jail  time for that matter!

Instead of pulling the typical “Do you know who I am?” card  to the officer who registered the minor car accident she suffered this Saturday in Miami, la Chica Dorada appealed to the officer’s bruised little heart telling them she had to get home to breastfeed.

But don’t think the incident went without drama. Rubio had the minor car accident and a first officer on the scene instructed her to get out of the car.

Needless to say, she refused  (after all, she freaking IS Paulina Rubio) and began to yell out for help!

When a second officer showed up on the scene, reports claim she was forced to get out of the car.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, the pop star kept screaming for help, insulting the officers and calling them liars, even after being handcuffed and placed inside the police car.

One hour later, after kicking and screaming, Paulina finally calmed down, apologized and told the officers she had an “extenuating circumstance” -to go breastfeed her adorably famous 6 month old baby.

The officers were apparently at least a little star-struck as they let Rubio go, yet they pressed to see her again in court, with charges of  “disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command”,  which comes as no surprise and begs the question: Didn’t these guys know who SHE was?

In any case, girls, Paulina‘s kick ass-excuse proved effective even after the yelling and screaming, so I’d recommend to fearlessly add it to your “excuses to avoid a ticket” list!

My other personal favorite excuse  which by the way has worked twice for me and has the added bonus to work wonders if you apply it to both, men and women officers is:

“Officer,  my boyfriend just left me….”  (Based on Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw‘s famous “my boyfriend left me on a Post It note excuse” ). This one works best if you cry real tears- on his shoulder, preferably-Never fails!

Another excuses to totally avoid a ticket?

1) My radar never went off!

2) I had too much to drink and I didn’t know what I was going (Believe it or not, this was actually used by a person whose name should remain anonymous)

and the worst of them all (trust me you will get a ticket with this one),

3) Peeing in your own pants for real! (I’ve heard every person that has tried to pull this one to avoid the ticket, has had to go home, with a stinky car that will cost them at least $60 to get detailed, plus, the cost of the ticket, lawyer and  court fees) This one, really doesn’t work!



By Maria Corina Marrero



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