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Penelope Cruz Goes LEGO For New ‘Pirates’ Game


It sure is fun watching Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz sword-fight their way through the new Pirates Of The Caribbean trailer. And now, TT Games is ready to let you actually take part in the action with a brand new LEGO Pirates video game that spans all four movies. And in case you missed the first word of the title, yes, all of the simulated swashbucklers will be made of LEGO parts.

Believe it or not, in a sea filled with realistic Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption shooters, there is still a high demand for cute lighthearted LEGO video games. In the past five years, LEGO adaptations of the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Batman franchises have gone on to sell tens of millions of copies.

Penelope Cruz’s Angelica character design exudes confidence and even some LEGO sex appeal. Dressed in a dark captain’s hat, a green vest, and black pants, her video game description actually reveals a few interesting plot points about the upcoming movie. For one thing, the LEGO site claims Angelica is (Spoiler Alert!!!!) the daughter of Blackbeard, which will make for some very interesting encounters onscreen.

Obviously bringing Depp’s Jack Sparrow into the snap-and-click world was a no-brainer. His Pirates movies have pitted him against ghostly sea captains, squid-faced Davy Jones, and now the legendary Blackbeard. So you can imagine the type of button mashing excitement having them all in one cartridge will bring.

In addition to Angelica and Captain Jack Sparrow, you can control Geoffrey Rush’s notorious Barbossa character (in human and skeleton form), and several mermaids and zombies. There will also be a cooperative two-player mode and the opportunity battle your friends, which will make for some great online swordplay.

Plus, in the game’s Story Mode you can pick up ancient treasures and unlock cool Easter Eggs, including secret characters you know and love from the films. Best of all, in addition to the Xbox, Wii, and PS3, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean will be available for the new Nintendo 3DS system, utilizing its unique three-dimensional technology. Look for it in stores this coming May.

By: Mario Lopez



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