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Pharrel Willaims shares new track with a Memorable Name, “Marilyn Monroe”

Pharrel Willaims shares new track with a Memorable Name, "Marilyn Monroe"

“This one goes out to all the lovers,” Pharrell Williams croons on his new single “Marilyn Monroe,” a bodacious R&B song from his latest G I R L album. Featuring women of different sizes, shapes and shades, the “Happy” hit-maker celebrates the beauty of the female form, including such goddesses as Joan Of Arc and Marilyn Monroe.

The clip rises on Williams in a dream-like state, as he runs to the top of a magical, moon-lit hill. He comes upon the ideal woman, but he soon realizes that it was all make-believe. He soon awakens and makes his way to a dance hall on his too-small bike. The cameras pan on various dancers stretching and getting ready for a big musical number. Curves, curves and more curves!

Williams finds it hard to describe his perfect girl. “Why, why do I have to lie? Pretend, make believe or hide her when I love what I’ve described? But then again, I don’t need no adjectives for this girl,” he sings on the second verse as colorfully bedazzled women (either in red, blue or white outfits) groove around him.

In the end, it’s Kelly Osbourne who snaps him out of his fantasy and sends him back to his dream-like state. “In honor of the groove and all who’s surrendered to it, we say thank you, and we take it back,” she guides. Williams is subsequently zapped back in time before all the dancing occurred.

Note: Don’t worry, kiddos, that hat still makes a major presence in this. Check it out below:

by Jason Scott



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