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Pitbull & Jencarlos Canela Rock Miami’s Calle Ocho Festival

Miami certainly seems to be a hotspot at the moment. Not only is it hosting one of the country’s most influential film festivals, it just hosted hosted one of the country’s most influential fiestas! That’s right, we’re talking about Calle Ocho, which wound up breaking quite a few Guinness World Records this year.

Known as Miami’s “biggest block party,” Calle Ocho features live music, food vendors, dancing crowds, and more. Over one million Latinos descend upon Little Havana for the festival and this year, that number included quite a few celebs.

Proud locals Pitbull and Jencarlos Canela made their presence known at Sunday’s event, performing for massive crowds and signing autographs. Canela was actually dubbed “Calle Ocho King!” Tr3s Free Latin Music fave Norka stepped up to the concert stage too, performing a live version of her signature hit, “Milagro.”

This year was actually extra special for Calle Ocho, as it marked the festival’s 35th anniversary. Since its inaugural event, Calle has welcomed legendary cubanos like Desi Arnaz, Celia Cruz, and Gloria Estefan (on more than one occasion).  In 2011 Fat Joe brought the crowd to its feet, with a rowdy, festive live performance.

Spanish TV and radio stations covered every wild moment this year, including the Guinness Record breaker where 100 volunteers held up the world’s largest flag! Made up 422 smaller pieces, the giant “One World” bandera stretched out 250 feet long and 36 feet wide.

And that’s not the first time Calle Ocho partygoers have gotten their name into the Guinness Book. In 1990, the festival built up the world’s largest piñata and in 2000, attendees rolled together the world’s fattest cigar!

Clearly Calle Ocho is an event that leaves a major mark every year. And we imagine it leaves a major cleanup job for the Little Havana trash collectors every day after too.



By Michael Lopez

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