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Pitbull’s Mom Reveals Dark Secrets To Cristina

As we all know, Cristina Saralegui is a master at getting celebrities to open up on her talk shows. And this past week, she got a ton of juicy gossip from the madre of Mr. 305, Alysha Acosta.

Pitbull’s mom delivered some shocking revelations to the audience during her appearance, including the fact that she’s a recovering alcoholic. Apparently for quite a long time, Pit and his sisters didn’t want anything to do with her. And that’s something she takes full responsibility for.

“[I grew up] in the hippie era,” she told Cristina. “It was full of LSD, PCP, marijuana, and when you’re on drugs or drunk, you lose all your morals, your conscience…everything!”

But thankfully it seems like Alysha has cleaned up her act and is on much better terms with her mega-famous son. When asked about Pitbull, Acosta said that their relationship seems to be better now than it’s ever been.



By Michael Lopez



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