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Poirier Releases Latest Album “Soft Power” on Wonderwheel Recordings

Montréal-based artist Poirier is proud to release his newest album ‘Soft Power’ out now on Wonderwheel Recordings. The new album release was announced with two powerful singles, “Café Com Leite” with Brazilian singer (now based in Paris) Flavia Coelho which first debuted on Complex who hailed, “Few in this world can boast a creative output as eclectic as Montréal-based Poirier.”

“Café Com Leite” transports the listener to the shores of Brazil – to enjoy a “coffee with milk” – with a stunning vocal delivery from Coelho, gentle guitar licks, and a danceable rhythm. Poirier reflects, “Flavia Coelho and I met in Paris for the first time at her studio just before a gig I had later that night. We chilled at her studio and listened to a few beats I had on a USB key. The connection was great right away. The beat that I had really in mind for her was also the one she liked the most. She did a vocal idea on the spot as soon as the beat played, riding the beat who had already the guitar lines on it (props to Daniel Leznoff who plays the guitar). There you go, we had a good idea for a song. It became ”Café Com Leite” in it’s final form a few weeks later.  It’s a love song about differences, the coffee mixed with milk being a metaphor. It’s been ages that I wanted to do a song like that, soft and charming. Some hints of bossa nova too, which is something I never did before. This song is exactly the vibe being reflected on my album “Soft Power” and that’s why it’s the first single.”

The second single with featured Mozambican artist Smito, debuted with Afropop who stated, “Much like “Sim Bombei,” as well as the ethos that defines Wonderwheel to me, the rest of Soft Power is an experience of jet-setting and global influence.” Poirier adds, “Music is about friendship and vibes. I like a lot talking with my friend Samito, gifted musician and vocalist from Mozambique who lives in Montréal for many years. We share crazy music stories that covers Mozambique, South Africa, Europe and Montréal. In “Sim Bombei”, I wanted to create a warm danceable vibe that connect the listener with Africa and the Caribbean. A timeless vibe influenced by Kassav’, the popular group from Guadeloupe. The lyrics are about not getting fooled by the appearances or the trends and still be on top of the game by being yourself. It’s also the follow up of our song “Sowia”, teaming on both with guitarist Funk Lion and both songs are part of my new album “Soft Power”. I played “Sim Bombei” a few times already at my gigs and spontaneously couples were formed, dancing together. That was exactly my secret wish with that song.

As usual with Poirier, it’s hard to pin point all the genres and references on his new album. Soft
Power has an irresistible warm vibe that will make anyone move and dance. It’s warm, it’s acoustic, it’s electronic. Tracks “Café Com Leite” feat. Flavia Coelho and “Me Leva” feat. Flavia Nascimento transport the listener to Brazil while “Sim Bombei” and “Sowia”, both featuring Samito, while the Sounds of West Africa influence “Nidiaye Sam” feat. Daby Touré. Then it’s across the Atlantic to Montréal and Mexico with “Contigo” feat. Boogat, while “Pull Up Dat” feat. Red Fox is a Jamaican jam perfect for any dancehall party. “Nou Pare” feat. Coralie Hérard captures the heart of Haiti while “Do Kase” feat. Mélissa Laveaux fuses Canada and France with Haïti in the background. In his instrumental tracks, Poirier throws an afro house party at 4am with “The Junction”, travels back in time on an island in the Mediterranean Sea circa 1987 with “Forma”, and, finally, relaxes in the sun with “Coconut Beach.”

With his first album dating back to 2001, Poirier is a prolific, creative and eclectic Canadian producer / musician with a 20 year journey of creating music. Constant in his albums and DJ performances is a desire to build bridges between different languages, communities, and cultures. His open, uninhibited musical mind means that his works bend boundaries, resulting in compositions that mix several styles and eras. He now has produced a total of 11 albums and many EPs with labels such as Ninja Tune, Nice Up Records and, more recently, Wonderwheel Recordings. Active in Montreal, his successful monthly dance party Qualité de Luxe is dedicated to African and Caribbean music, attracting crowds for over six years. Poirier is also the man behind Bounce le Gros and Karnival, parties with legendary status in Montréal nightlife history.

Poirier’s “Soft Power” LP is out now on New York’s Wonderwheel Recordings.


  •  “Café Com Leite” – Poirier & Flavia Coelho
  •  “Contigo”- Poirier & Boogat
  •  “Pull Up Dat” – Poirier & Red Fox
  •  “Sim Bombei” – Poirier & Samito
  •  “Do Kase” – Poirier & Mélissa Laveaux
  • “The Junction”
  •  “Nou Pare” – Poirier & Coralie Hérard
  •  “Nidiaye Sam” – Poirier & Daby Touré
  • “Forma”
  •  “Sowia” – Poirier & Samito
  •  “Me Leva” – Poirier & Flavia Nascimento
  • “Coconut Beach”


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