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Police Investigating Initial Injuries From When Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Found

Police Investigating Initial Injuries From When Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Found

As Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to cling to life in an Atlanta hospital, everyone is still wondering how this all happened. There were reports that drugs were found in the home — but this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Now comes an even more shocking report. Sources are saying that a criminal investigation is focusing on Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s boyfriend (whom we all thought was her husband). Sources say that there were injuries to Bobbi Kristina’s body that need to be explained.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources have told the outlet that injuries on Bobbi Kristina need to be looked into. They also say that Nick Gordon has “lawyered up.” Additionally, the friend who was in the house that day and discovered Bobbi, Max Lomas, who was previously arrested on drug charges, wanted immunity or he would not speak to police.

Most chillingly, sources say that Lomas is claiming that Gordon cleaned up the house and blood stains.

Additionally, family sources are saying that there was a history of violence between Gordon and Bobbi.

Now, all of this on the surface sounds really bad, but it’s no proof of anything. Bobbi could have hurt herself falling in the tub. Anything could have happened. You also have to be very careful about “sources” since everyone speaking to the press will have their own agenda.

Given that Bobbi Kristina was facedown in a tub, there would no doubt be an investigation — and that investigation would focus primarily on the other people inside the home that day. And that would be Gordon and Lomas.

It’s too early to speculate what might have happened here, and we need to wait for the complete investigation.

Meanwhile, doctors are saying that Bobbi’s prognosis is dire, and the family, including father Bobby Brown and grandmother Cissy, are praying hard that Bobbi Kristina can come out of this.



by Kiri Blakeley

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