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Poor Attitude Sees Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kristhielee Caride Losing Her Crown

Poor Attitude Sees Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kristhielee Caride Losing Her Crown

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kristhielee Caride has been fired – the beauty loses her crown as an attitude problem takes her out of pageant. The Puerto Rico Miss Universe 2016 organizing committee made the announcement on Thursday, March 17.

This decision was based on a series of behavioral issues the beauty contestant exhibited particularly during public appearances and interviews. Caride was bestowed with the crown at the Puerto Rican grand finale in November 12, 2015.

Her replacement is runner-up, Brenda Jimenez. As the news broke of the revocation of Kristhielee’s crown, the new queen was introduce at a press conference Thursday, March 17 at a restaurant in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan.

This is hardly surprising as Kristhielee Caride has done little to impress her promoters since being awarded the crown in November. E! News reports that Caride displayed an unwillingness to participate in interviews, a key function on her slate of responsibilities.

How did the organizers ever miss that Caride was more of an introvert than the perfect personality for Miss Universe Puerto Rico? Pageant judges should really look into where they themselves erred in this whole process.

Her latest debacle came during an interview on March 13 with a Puerto Rican newspaper, during which Desiree Lowry, the Miss Universe Puerto Rico national director, was present. During the interview, Caride unthinkingly stated that she had an aversion to cameras.

The beauty queen had also gained a reputation of having an attitude problem and being dismissive on her interviews and public appearances, Yahoo! News reports. This was just one more in a trail of faults being discovered, and this latest interview was immensely embarrassing to Lowry.

Desiree Lowry was quoted on Yahoo! News as saying “I wanted the earth to swallow me. You always have to put your best face forward … it’s a given that we are going to be in front of cameras and that we have to answer all types of questions.”

In response to what has to have been devastating news, Kristhielee Caride made a lengthy Facebook post where she not too subtly criticized the institution that was the world of the beauty queen where they were not allowed to have a “bad day.”

She maintained that even as she wore the crown of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016, she was still human, and therefore not infallible. Despite being unapologetic throughout the entire Facebook post, Caride claims to accept with dignity the decision to have her title revoked.

This extremely embarrassing situation is one she believes the national pageant committee has made a mistake on, yet, she insists, she accepts the decision with dignity!

So congratulations to the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016, Brenda Jimenez at the international beauty contest later in 2016.




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