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Private Jet Boots Off Lil Wayne After Rapper And Crew Lights Up During Flight

Private Jet Boots Off Lil Wayne After Rapper And Crew Lights Up During Flight

Rapper Lil Wayne was recently kicked off a private plane after the pilot was forced to land the private jet only 17 minutes after take off. TMZ reports that Lil Wayne was on a private jet that he chartered for a short amount of time before the pilot got fed up with Lil Wayne and his entourage.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne told the pilot, prior to take off at the Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida, that he and his crew wanted to smoke during the flight. The pilot was against this and made it clear to Lil Wayne that there would be no smoking on the plane.

Of course, Lil Wayne’s ego got the best of him, as it usually does, and Wayne decided he was going to ignore the pilot’s rule and decide to spark up anyway. This made the pilot so angry that only 17 minutes into the flight he turned the plane around and landed right back in the Ft. Lauderdale airport – where the flight originated.

The pilot, who was in no mood to bargain or negotiate with Lil Wayne, allegedly instructed Wayne to get off the flight and refused to provide service to Lil Wayne and his entourage.

TMZ also has a photo of Lil Wayne holding a cup containing a pink/purple liquid that is infamously known as “sizzurp,” a mixture of prescription drugs, soda, and candy.

Lil Wayne’s team recently responded to the allegations and denied that Lil Wayne was smoking in flight. Wayne’s camp insists that the plane turned around due to mechanical problems, but we aren’t buying it. Lil Wayne is known to smoke wherever he goes, and many people who have worked with him have said that Lil Wayne will smoke whenever he wants, despite the rules set in place by those in charge.


by John Panichella



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