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Production Starts On “LOS COWBOYS,” New English-Language Reality To Debut Exclusively On Hulu

Production Starts On “LOS COWBOYS,” New English-Language Reality To Debut Exclusively On Hulu 2

Production has begun on “Los Cowboys,” an English-language, half-hour reality series from Corral 360, which will premiere exclusively on Hulu. “Los Cowboys” follows the lives of a group of Latino/a urban charros (Mexican cowboys) from Los Angeles and their quest to gain respect as bona fide charros and earning a slot in the Mexican Rodeo finals. Watch:

Much of the action takes place at Rancho Los Dorados in La Puente, California where the “Los Cowboys” team gathers to train in the rodeo arts in order to qualify for a coveted spot in the Mexican National Rodeo Championship. The cast is also featured in different settings in and around Los Angeles as they go about their busy urban lives as Angelenos.

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LOS COWBOYS debuts on Hulu January 26th, 2015! 

“Los Cowboys” is a real-life dramedy starring a cast of Hispanic millennials and acculturated Latinos and Latinas living different urban city lives in Los Angeles, while simultaneously sharing a passion for horses and the art of Charreria, the Mexican rodeo, which began over 100 years ago as horse competitions among cattle ranchers. The men and women of “Los Cowboys” juggle the trials and tribulations of their daily career and family lives with their love and commitment to charro sports such as bull riding, wild bronc jumping, horse reining and trick roping. Their commitment and the excitement comes with major dangers and risks, but – for these urban cowboys – it will all be worth it if they manage to qualify for a coveted spot at the Rodeo Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico, and finally earn respect and credibility as charros.

The show features a wide range of opportunities for branded content and integration in categories ranging from home improvement, travel, food, beauty, telecommunications, alcohol, etc. Within four months of launching, Corral 360 has signed the Ram Truck brand as a title sponsor via Lightning Strikes Entertainment. Ram will play an integral part of the story line with continuous brand integration and several vehicle features. Former Fox executive Emiliano Calemzuk is invested in Corral’s entrepreneurial endeavor and is a partner in the Los Angeles-based company.los cowboys small bannerThe cast:

Alex Corral , a young but ambitious TV producer who is an avid horse and rodeo enthusiast. He takes care of the family ranch and keeps his family’s traditions alive. Alex is also creator and executive producer. Follow: @Corral34

Marisela Corral is Alex’s sassy wife and a TV executive who keeps her husband and the charros in check. Watch the sparks fly when she learns of Alex’s antics. The two of them will soon be new parents, adding a new baby to the drama. Follow: Instagram: Marisela27.

Joey Corral is Alex’s best friend and younger brother. He is a florist and a professional bassoonist who understands and respects the world of charrea, but who strayed from the charro world long ago. Follow: @Joedog44, Instagram: Joedog44.

Robert Lara is a horse trainer who is a hilarious wild card character. He speaks his mind and you never know what’s going to come out of his mouth next.   Follow: @Robloscowboys.

Rafael (Ralph) Cabral is a Los Angeles entrepreneur who is an all-star charro and team leader. Follow: @Rafaelcowboystv

Adrian Nevarez is the heartthrob of the team.   But he is a rookie and has lots to learn so he’s got something to prove.

Ivette Saucedo is a model and a witty beauty queen.   She is as fierce on a horse as she is on the runway, making her a social media star with thousands of followers. Follow: @Ivettesaucedo.


“Los Cowboys” is created by executive producer Alex Corral and produced by his Corral 360 Production Company. Show runner and executive producer: Jeff Cvengros; executive producer: Harvey Grisalez; Producer: Luke Arreguin; Line Producer: Leslie Godfrey.



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