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‘Professional Griefers’ Video: Deadmau5, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Battle

'Professional Griefers' Video: Deadmau5, My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Battle

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Here’s a music battle to remember.

In this new high-octane music video for Deadmau5’s recent single “Professional Griefers,” watch as the Canadian superstar DJ takes on My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way (who is featured on the track) in a futuristic UFC brawl that is set in a world where men don’t fight alone.

They fight, instead, with giant robots.

Surrounded by screaming fans as they duke it out in an Ultimate Fighting Championship ring, Deadmau5 and Way control massive mouse mechs that battle it out till the brutal end.

The video is fast, frenetic and unabashedly over-the-top — which, as MTV points out, is likely what Deadmau5 was going for:

For the uninitiated, the term “Griefer” refers to the folks in multiplayer video games who deliberately harass other players in the game, usually in the most annoying ways possible (verbal insults, intentionally killing other players, siding with the enemy, crashing servers, etc.). They are basically the bane of the video game universe, bold and brash and unapologetic about their actions.  And this video…is all of those things and then some.

In a behind the scenes video posted on YouTube, Deadmau5 claimed that this was the most expensive electronic music video ever made. Though the veracity of that comment has yet to be verified, there’s no question that the production costs of this video — with its myriad special effects and props — was hefty, to say the least.

Who wins the clash of the music heavyweights? Watch the video to find out. More mau5 below.

by Dominique Mosbergen



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