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Psst! Need some help this Valentine’s Day? We can help! Check our Notes Inside

Psst! Need some help this Valentine's Day? We can help! Check our Notes Inside


So did the weather in your part of the country prevent you from shopping, did you not get paid, or are you simply out of ideas?  Let us at ZayZay.Com help you plan the best Valentines Day evening.


The True Love Quiz

Do You Want A Reliable Answer To The Question “Are You In Love?” Then Look No Further. This Test Will Give You The Answer You Are Looking For…Whether You Like It Or Not.


Valentine Games

Having trouble thinking of what to do to confuse your Valentine while waiting for your big date? Something to distract both of you for next few hours at home until that reservation you made at that restaurant they love? Or maybe you can’t find a babysitter and your stuck at home but still want them to know you care wherever you are together. Try a few games from your childhood with a more Valentine’s Day theme, check out the link above.


Try out some romantic dinner recipes

Sometimes, the best kind of romantic dinners are the make it yourself kind. Showing more than a willingness to spend, but also a willingness to spend time , making something just for the two of you in a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere and still having a quality meal with your significant other can show them your true feelings.


Conversation Starters

Not quite sure what to say? As romantic as your dinner is, remember there will be a lot of time there before, during, and after the meal where you’re just sitting there at the table. Check out 30 ideas of possible things to bring up that can really get you two talking.



“Your nose is just so beautifully elegant” is not something you want to say while cuddled by the fire, on the couch watching The Notebook, or just ever, really. While no doubt you have some endearingly sweet one-liners, or they just come to you, maybe you should check out some of ideas you can remember later when an opportunity opens up.

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