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Rapper Ice-T And Wife, Coco, Expecting Baby

Rapper Ice-T And Wife, Coco, Expecting Baby 2

Ice T and Coco’s new project is even more exciting than their new show, Ice and Coco: the two are expecting their first baby together.

Although Ice T already has two children of his own as well as a 20-year-old grandchild, Coco has been outspoken about the fact that she wants children of her own, and now that they have announced their pregnancy together, it looks like she will get her wish after all! This will also make Ice T a father again at age 57.

Coco vowed a while back to get her health under control so that she could prepare her body for possibly having children after she was told in 2012 that her blood pressure was too high for her to be able to safely and successfully carry a pregnancy. After a lot of work, the star announced last year that she had moved on to taking prenatal vitamins.

But Coco isn’t going to let her pregnancy keep her away from her racy, sexy image. She has built a career out of making domestic housewife-y things look sexy, and motherhood will just be part of that.

“I’ve branded myself to be sexy, but also be a wife at the same time,” she says. “I cook, I clean, I’ll be washing the car… heels. Everything is Cocofied!”




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