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Raven Symone In Talks to Permanently Join The View as New Co-Host

Raven Symone In Talks to Permanently  Join The View as New Co-Host

If controversy and dumbfounded views are what The View is aiming for then Raven-Symone may have a new home. Over the last couple of months Symone has found herself a comfortable seat on The View and is now in talks for a permanent co-hosting role.

According to the NY Daily News, everyone connected to the show are impressed by Symone’s work ethic and how she prepares each day.

“Every night she studies all the current events and topics for the next day,” an insider says. “Everyone is blown away. Nobody else prepares like she does!”

I guess no one else knows how to Google?

Another source for the show referred to Symone as being smart and ‘kooky’. Yes, only a kook would actually say that Michelle Obama looks like an ape.

If The View is trying to save its plunging ratings show by adding a ‘younger’ voice, there are plenty more personalities out there who are a lot more intelligent with more informed views. But then again, maybe they’re looking for a personality similar to Sherri Shepherd, who at one time thought the world was flat and didn’t know the meaning of bi-partisan. Symone already proved that she didn’t know the difference between continents and countries, so they’re definitely on the right track.





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