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Rebecca Black Ready To Launch Her Next Single

Are you ready for “Saturday?” Just joking, although that would be a fitting title for the followup single to Rebecca Black’s huge hit, “Friday.” Truth be told, the overnight singing star is planning to drop a new track this month, reportedly titled “My Moment.”

As you may recall, Black caused an internet sensation when she released her campy song on YouTube back in March. 160 million views later, the 13-year-old got herself on The Tonight Show and in a high-profile Katy Perry video.

But now she’s ready to prove herself again. Set to be released on July 18th, “My Moment” is supposedly a much more introspective track. The video for the song will include real-life footage from Rebecca’s daily life and her graduation from junior high school.

Will “My Moment” stir up as much buzz as “Friday?” Most likely not, but then again that may be a good thing. As we all know, her last single became a hit for all the wrong reasons. Its cheesy lyrics and flat vocals were known to attract quite a few haters. Let’s hope the new song has a lot more substance and a lot less fluff.



By Michael Lopez



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