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Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Pulled From YouTube

All of you hoping to get your end-of-week musical fix may be in for a shocking surprise. It seems that Rebecca Black’s signature “Friday” video has been pulled off YouTube because of an ongoing legal battle.

USA Today is reporting that Black’s lawyers are accusing “Friday’s” producers of copyright infringement and may even be taking them to court. Part of the argument stems from the fact that Ark Music Factory, which supposedly owns the rights to the song, has been profiting heavily off the single.

And with 160 million views thus far, it’s clear that “Friday” has made Ark quite a bit of cash. Believe it or not, Rebecca’s parents paid the company just $4,000 to produce the song and video. And we’re sure no one expected it to become this big of a hit.

Black made sure her Twitter fans were well aware of the situation and assured them that “Friday” would return.

“My Manager and Lawyer are on this and are going to get to the bottom of this! Stay tuned…” she posted.

But until then, we can at least get some enjoyment from Rebecca and Katy Perry with their newest anthem, “Last Friday Night.”



By Michael Lopez

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