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Rep. Anthony Weiner Admits He Lied About Lewd Twitter Photo

New York congressman Anthony Weiner has come forward about the “terrible mistakes” he made recently.

On Friday, when a photo of a man’s bulging crotch in boxer briefs appeared in Weiner’s Twitter stream, the lewd photo was quickly removed and the politico claimed his page was hacked. 
But fast forward to Monday and Weiner, 46, admits he was the only person using his account. The photo, which he sayhe “regrets,” was in fact meant to send as a direct message, but accidentally posted in his main feed.

“This was a very dumb thing to do,” he said during a Manhattan press conference. “[It was] a destructive thing to do. The picture was of me and I sent it.”

A visibly choked up Weiner confessed he had been inappropriately communicating with six women over the last three years, including while he was married. He claims none of these interactions were physical, and they were all “women that I met on Facebook.”

“I haven’t told the truth,” he said. “I have done things I deeply regret. I apologize to my wife and our families. I’m deeply ashamed.”

He and his wife, Huma Abedin, “have no intention of splitting up,” Weiner said. “I love my wife very much. We’ve been through a great deal together and will weather this.”






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