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Several Reports Agree That Chris Brown’s Gun Case Will Soon Be Dropped

Several Reports Agree That Chris Brown's Gun Case Will Soon Be Dropped

After all the drama, it looks like the case stemming from Chris Brown’s recent gun arrest is fizzling. According to a report from TMZ, the D.A. is not currently moving forward with the case. A source with knowledge of the investigation told TMZ that the evidence assembled by police is not looking solid. Although the case was submitted to prosecutors two weeks ago, they pushed it back to the police, citing a lack of evidence, and now, it seems the chances of it moving forward at all are lessening.

Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on Aug. 31 after a tense, hours long standoff with police. His accuser, Baylee Curran, claimed that Brown put a gun to her head after seeing her “admiring” some jewelry in his home. Brown proclaimed his own innocence from his home while police were outside, claiming they would not find anything upon doing a search. No guns were reportedly found by the LAPD once a search was executed.

Conflicts about Curran’s side of the story later arose, with alleged text messages surfacing that seemed to show her vowing to set Brown up in retribution for kicking her out of his house. One of Curran’s former roommates, Angel Monroe, told Complex that Curran had a sketchy history of her own. “Do I think she did it for attention? Sure. Do I think Chris told her to get out? Sure, and maybe startled her, but I truly don’t believe she was assaulted,” Monroe said.

The case isn’t officially over yet, but the D.A.’s lack of enthusiasm about moving forward with it indicates that there may not be enough evidence to prosecute him with anything.



By Chris Mench



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