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The Reports are in: Close Source Says Katy Perry and Diplo Are Defintely Dating

The Reports are in: Close Source Says Katy Perry and Diplo Are Defintely Dating

Katy Perry is keeping her love life off the radar of the public for the time being.  Perry has been linked to “Dark Horse” singer Diplo, and according to reports their relationship is going strong.

“She’s keeping this one undercover because she’s learned her lesson. She’s in control, but he likes that,” a source told E! News.

But it seems as though things with Diplo are different than Perry’s previous relationships.

“He knows she’s in charge and respects her,” the insider revealed. “She keeps tabs on him…but she trusts him and that’s the most important thing to her.”

Perry’s family has also grown fond of the singer as they’ve had the chance to get to know him.

“Her family likes him a lot,” a source close to the songstress shared, adding that her friends have also given their stamp of approval on the new love.

“You can see how comfortable she feels with him already because the whole crew hangs with him already and they approve. It’s important that everyone gets along with him because makes her crazy life easier.”

Perry said earlier this year after splitting up with her ex-husband Russell Brand — whom she was married to for fourteen months  — that she learned her lesson on keeping her relationships private and off the grid of social media.

In an interview with Rolling Stone this summer, she revealed the one thing she learned from the divorce, telling the mag, “Now I know—first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away,” she explains. “Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love. I went through my ‘return of Saturn,’ is what they call it.”

She added, “It’s really hard to separate your public life from your personal life. I only ever just wanted to make music and be on stage and play, and offer up my perception of how I view the world, through the songs that I write. But then there’s a lot of different things that come with it, and I call them trade-offs.”






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