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Residente Hit By Cell Phone During Calle 13 Concert

Was it a friendly gesture or a vicious attack? That was the question on many Calle 13 fans’ minds over the holiday after news broke that Residente was hit in the face by a flying cell phone.

It all went down at a Calle show in Bolivia last week. Apparently during the middle of their set, Residente had a Smartphone chucked right at his face! The fast-paced gadget left the Resi a little bruised and got the amateur pitcher ejected from the concert.

When the dust settled, it appeared the incident was just an unplanned accident. Residente spoke up about it on his Twitter account, explaining that the fan had wanted him to autograph the phone and meant no harm when he tossed it on stage.

“A person threw me his cell phone to autograph it. The damn cell phone hit me in the face because I didn’t manage to catch it. The poor guy was dragged out of the stadium. For the future, if you want me to sign something, wait until I’m looking and expecting it before throwing it.”

Seems like good advice to us. Perhaps it’d be safer to have your musical heroes autograph flying pillows instead.



By Michael Lopez

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