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Ricky Martin Gets Spanish Citizenship To Marry His Partner

Ricky Martin was granted Spanish citizenship by the Spanish Council of Ministers, according to the Spanish daily El Pais. Although Ricky is Puerto Rican and lives in Miami, he requested to be Spanish in March in order to marry his partner, Carlos Gonzalez. Both are parents to three-year-old twin boys Mateo and Valentino.

“Spain is a country I share many sentiments with. I have had strong ties to the area because of my roots and loved it since I first visited,” Martin said. “Some time ago I made the request for Spanish citizenship and was waiting for them to respond.”

The Spanish government  agreed in a weekly cabinet meeting to grant citizenship to the 39-year-old pop star, chief government spokesman Jose Blanco told a news conference.

The government granted him a “letter of naturalization” -issued at its discretion in special circumstances- because of his “personal and professional links with Spain”.

Ricky said although same-sex marriage is legal in some states he wanted to marry in Spain to recognize Prime Minister Zapatero‘s achievements in that country when he legalized gay marriage in 2005. Ever since 20,000 gay couples have since tied the knot in the country.

By Larry Yepez Jr.



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