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Ricky Martin Joins Glee As Mr. Martínez

Sexy Latin crooner Ricky Martin has confirmed that he will join the cast of Glee as a Spanish teacher during next Tuesday’s episode. The Puerto Rican singer described on Twitter how making the episode was one of his favorite moments of his career.

Ricky will play a Spanish teacher, David Martínez, on next week’s Glee episode, airing February 7th on Fox. He will deliver the sassy line,

“Mucho gusto conocerlos. Soy sexy y lo sé. Vamos a bailar.”

Martin joins the award-winning show for an episode which highlights some of the show’s Hispanic influences, titled “The Spanish Teacher.” His performance will also include lines spoken in both English and Spanish, as well as musical lyrics sang in both languages.

Chris Colfer, the actor who plays Kurt on the show, confesses how he has never seen such a frenzy over any other guest star on the show.

“In my three years on Glee, I have never seen anyone who has arrived on the set and has made every single person melt.”



By Ikam Acosta

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