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Rihanna Says Humiliation After Chris Brown Beating “Liberated Me”

Rihanna Says Humiliation After Chris Brown Beating "Liberated Me"


Rihanna recently gave an honest interview on how she managed to overcome all the negativity and stigma associated with the beating she received from Chris Brown a few years back. What didn’t kill her, definitely made her 20 year old (at the time) self stronger. The sexy singer, now 24, is moving forward full force.

Rihanna said,

“It gave me strength. People knew way too much about my life. It was humiliating. But that’s how I was able to be free.”

Rihanna felt pressure to hide her issues, and that became her personal prison. She added,

“The more people that know, the freer I become. One less skeleton in the closet, one less burden, one less secret. I have nothing to hide.”

The Barbadian songstress managed her problem with Chris Brown the best she knew how: through music. Referring to her Rated R album, released back in 2009, Rihanna said,

“I wanted to be honest. I was trying the hardest time of my life. I was angry, sad, confused, unhinged. I was still in love back then. And I needed to talk about it. It was the only way I had peace, because it was on my mind and I couldn’t leave it there to stew.”

Rihanna and Brown have since collaborated on musical projects, and he even attended her birthday bash. Is it perhaps too soon? Some tend to think so.

RiRi said,

“I respect the opinions of others. The reality is that we don’t all think the same way. It’s hard to accept, but I understand. Many people lose time on their blogs, or whatever, complaining, and that’s okay. I don’t hate them. Because tomorrow I will be the same person and will do what I want to do.”

Looking to the future, Rihanna says she would like to have children. She said,

“It could be tomorrow, it could be in 20 years.”

First, she will like to find love.

“I guess my situation is difficult, as my work affects every single relationship that I have or intend to have. I just need to find that right person that will give me balance, because then, things like my schedule will not matter. I’ve done it before, I will do it again.”



By Ikam Acosta



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