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Rihanna Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Accountant With $10 Million Settlement

Rihanna Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Accountant With $10 Million Settlement 2


Pop Princess Rihanna has won a multi-million dollar settlement after she was nearly left bankrupt in 2009 as a result of receiving bad real estate advice from her accountant.

The 25-year-old filed the lawsuit under her real name Robyn Fenty, against her accountant Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP alleging “he gave her the green light” to buy a house for $7m which she sold on at a $2m loss in 2009.

Her lawyer Edward Estrada said the defendants had advised Rihanna by e-mail that purchasing a home in Los Angeles “would be a good investment” despite knowing the singer was experiencing financial difficulties.

In addition to being a bad financial purchase, he also claimed the accountant knew that the house was “rotting from water and mould damage” and would require millions in improvements.

According to reports, the firm has offered the singer a settlement of more than $10m.

by Mary Isokariari



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