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“RIP Hulk Hogan” Death Hoax Goes Massively Viral

“RIP Hulk Hogan” Death Hoax Goes Massively Viral

The past weekend saw Hulk Hogan, the WWE wrestler fall prey to the notorious death hoax on social networking site Twitter. As soon the news became viral fans took to the site to express their feelings but later on it the fans came to know that he wasn’t dead.

Epoch Times was the first to report that on August 2 “RIP Hulk Hogan” suddenly began being trended on the Twitter on as a result fans of the popular wrester began pouring out their hearts on the site, even though the reason behind his death wasn’t confirmed but that didn’t prevent from fans from writing on the site what they thought about him throughout the years and how he gave joy to millions around the world with his on stage charisma and his wrestling prowess.

Hulk Hogan was in news recently for breaking off the engagement between his 26 year old daughter Brooke and former NFL superstar Phil Costa. It was said that his daughter was initially engaged to Costa but later on there were certain aspects about the guy which Hogan didn’t like, hence he immediately broke it off.

He further stated that even though he loved Dallas Cowboys, the team which Phil Costa played for but, he didn’t want someone whom he didn’t like marry his daughter. He further stated that he was never going to allow someone his daughter marry a guy whom he didn’t approve of and someone who really annoyed him.

Later on he was asked about the current situation of WWE and that where he thought it was heading. He stated that in John Cena they had someone whom the WWE industry could bank upon.



by Alireza Shariatipour

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