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Roberto Gomez – El Chavo Toys – Hits Stores Today

' El Chavo del Ocho' Comes To Homes In A New Way 1
The new line of consumer products, manufactured by JAKKS Pacific and inspired by Latin icon, including plush dolls, action figures and other fun toys
Leading U.S. toy manufacturer  JAKKS Pacific, Inc. announced today that the new toys “El Chavo” line, inspired by the super popular television comedy, you will reach the United States stores in August. JAKKS currently holds the master license of “El Chavo” for North America, through a partnership formed with Televisa and Univision.

“‘The kid’ has been transmitted by television continuously for more than 40 years and is one of the most enduring programs and loved by Latino families today”, said Stephen Berman, President and principal Chief Executive of JAKKS Pacific, Inc. “the resonance of ‘Chavo’ among latinos has transcended generations; ‘”El Chavo’ is a reminder of his roots and a reflection of their cultural heritage. We are very happy because ‘El Chavo’ toys can reach millions of children in all United States “.
The new line of toys, recommended for all fans of three years of age and over, will be available in stores retailers Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, and h-e – B, Curacao, Cardenas and Vallarta supermarkets, with prices that range from $4.99 to $19.99. The products will include figures, stuffed toys, role-playing, costumes, station toys, board games and novelty items that celebrate the world of “El Chavo”. Among these are:

  • 18” Talking El Chavo Doll: The huggable talking doll says six signature Chavo phrases including ¡Eso, eso, eso…! (Thassit, thassit, thassit!), ¡Se me chispoteó! (It just came out!), ¡Fue sin querer queriendo! (I didn’t mean to mean it!), ¡Zas! ¡Y que yo…! (All riiight,! An’ then, like, I, like, like, I, like…), Bueno, pero no se enoje (All riiiiiightieee, no need to get angry…), and ¡Es que no me tienen paciencia! (No one’s ever patient with me!)
  • 18” Parlanchin Quico Doll: Just like El Chavo, this talking doll says 6 signature Quico phrases that everyone has come to know and love: ¡Chusma, chusma…! (Rabble, rabble…!), ¡Ay, ya cállate, cállate, cállate, que me desesperas! (Oh, be quiet already! Be quiet! You’re driving me crazy!), ¡Me doy! (I give!), ¡No me simpatizas! (I don’t like you!), ¡Anda, di que si! Anda si! (Come on, say yes!), ¡Qué cosa! No? (What’s going on here, unbelievable, right?)
  • 12” Plush Dolls with DVD: The cuddly Chavo, Popis and Quico dolls come packaged with a DVD featuring a full length Spanish-language episode of El Chavo. Also available without DVD.
  • 7” Mini Plush Dolls: These soft dolls include Chavo, Popis, Quico, Ñoño, Don Ramon and Doña Florinda, and feature embroidered faces.
  • 2.75” Collectible Figures: The collectible figures are available in two packs including Chavo & Popis, Quico & Doña Florinda, Ñoño & Don Ramon.
  • 5” Vinyl Toys: These toys feature five points of articulation and three popular characters from the show: Chavo, Popis and Quico.
  • Finger Puppets: The fun finger puppet line includes the entire El Chavo gang and allows enthusiasts to create their own storylines.
  • El Chavo Kids Hat: El Chavo’s iconic green hat is perfect for kids to play dress up and create their own El Chavo look.
  • El Chavo Dominoes: This domino set includes 28 high quality dominoes in a colorful El Chavo tin box.

Berman added: “with a daily ratings of more than 100 million viewers worldwide and the affection of generations of latinos, ‘The kid’ is the perfect property to develop toys and other products. Our line of products will give life to these charming characters and its neighbourhood, offering them the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating and adorable world of ‘El Chavo’ fans of all time “.”

“El Chavo”, the comedy of most-watched television in the history of Mexico, became famous for more than four decades thanks to its creator, the comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños. In the United States.UU. “El Chavo” airs from Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time from Monday to Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Galavisión and Unimas. “The lively Chavo”, the animated series of this beloved character, is transmitted by Univision at 4 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time, nostalgia and the popularity of the original series to a new generation.

On June 18, JAKKS Pacific along with Televisa, the media company in the Spanish-speaking world, and Univision
Communications, Inc.
, the leading media company offering services to Hispanics in the United States.
UU., further expanded their relationship around “El Chavo” brand licensing. As part of this new deal, JAKKS shall have the right to manufacture, distribute and market products in various categories that go beyond toys. These categories include articles for parties and for school, home decor and bedding, housewares, health and beauty products and clothing accessories.

For more information and have fun with “El Chavo”, please visit and social networks of JAKKS Pacific.

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