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Robin Williams On ‘Your Body On Drugs’ EXCLUSIVE Clips

Fast-talking Robin Williams often acts like he’s on drugs with his manic brand of comedy, but this time he’s narrating a druggy-filled hour for something decidedly more educational: he’s hosting this Sunday’s episode of the Discovery channel’s “Curiosity: Your Body On Drugs.” Beyond throwing meth, cocaine and marijuana addicts into simulated situations, such as a house fire, then documenting the results, the episode throws a few curve balls our way. What is addiction in the first place? Why do so many celebrities depend on this stuff? Why did they pick family-friendly Robin Williams out of all people to narrate this star-studded series that’s had Maggie Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson and Eli Roth as hosts?

View the episode this Sunday, November 20th at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery to find out.



Source: Huffington Post



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