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ROLLING STONE Spotlights JUANES And How His “Forward-Thinking” New Album “Más Futuro Que Pasado”

ROLLING STONE Spotlights JUANES And How His “Forward-Thinking”
New Album Más Futuro Que Pasado” Is “Sowing the seeds for new genres yet to be discovered.”

Read The In-Depth Q&A On: Juanes’ Role In Fortifying Colombia’s Identity in the Global Pop Imagination….Keeping The Guitar Central To His Craft While Spanning Genres… His Good Eye For Recognizing Promising Young Talent… And Building His Dream Metal Band

“Más Futuro Que Pasado is a forward-thinking thesis on the enduring, universal groove of Colombia’s folk tradition… From vallenato to guasca, Juanes draws from the sounds that raised him to craft a well-traveled guitar album. He also enlisted help from a new generation of Colombian trailblazers, including Sebastián Yatra, Crudo Means Raw, and Lalo Ebratt — plus some new faraway friends, like regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal, Dominican-American MC Fuego, and Canadian hitmaker Alessia Cara… Together, Juanes and his cohorts capture the spirit of progress by courting each others’ pop methodologies, and sowing the seeds for new genres yet to be discovered.”

Juanes’ New Album “Más Futuro Que Pasado” (More Future Than Past) Recently Debuted As The #1 Latin Pop Album In The United States And Is Already Certified GOLD By The RIAA

a hooky, rhythm-heavy study in why Juanes remains a prime mover in Latin popular music. …a soulful celebration of the Latin folk tradition, and his first love: the guitar”… [that] moves easily between traditional and modern… it not only oozes versatility but sheds light on the new wave of artists changing the game 

… [with] his most immersive and modern fusions yet. … Juanes remains a musical seeker; he carefully integrates what attracts him into his own trademark style, creating a sound at once instantly recognizable and bracingly future forward. His lyrics are meaningful, His rhythms are catchy … and they become part of your life’s soundtrack.”

“One Of The Most Anticipated Albums of Fall … Juanes’ ‘Mas Futuro Que Pasado’ is an experimental journey through Latin American music… it not only oozes versatility 

but sheds light on the new wave of artists changing the game” – Billboard

“Más Futuro Que Pasado is a soulful celebration of the Latin folk tradition, as well as Juanes’ very first love: the guitar… Guided by a fluid dembow rhythm, flutters of guitar and a Hammond organAlessia Cara joins Juanes on their stunning cross-cultural collaboration, ‘Querer Mejor’…Juanes moves easily between traditional and modern on ‘Aurora,’ which features his fellow Colombia native, rapper Crudo Means Raw… and Juanes and Christian Nodal wallow in grief for a lover long gone on Tequila” – Rolling Stone


“Juanes Released a New Album, So I’m Spending the Next Few Days Rearranging My Life’s Soundtrack…. Más Futuro Que Pasado is a 21st-century celebration of Latin America’s most uplifting rhythms, following his trailblazing visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte. For this new album, Juanes is extending a global invitation for all to delve into and dance to his most immersive and modern fusions yet from Cumbia, Guasca, Vallenato, and more folkloric styles. We’ve been getting bits and pieces of it through the singles he’s released. … Most recently, his single ‘Bonita’ with Sebastián Yatra surged to No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart for his 12th career No. 1 single in the US, and it was just certified Gold from the RIAA. So if you were curious if this new album is good, this should definitely answer that! Another thing I personally love about this album is that Juanes has continued his commitment to young talent — not only rising artists but also producers…  Juanes has become a staple of Latin music, with his beginnings rooted in the rock ‘n’ roll he loves so much and later experimenting with other genres, as the Latin music landscape evolved. One thing that has remained the same is that his lyrics are meaningful and purposeful and can evoke all the feels. His rhythms are catchy no matter the genre, and once you hear his songs, it’s very hard to get them out of your head, and they become part of your life’s soundtrack.” – Pop Sugar


“(Editor’s Choice: Featured New Release: FOUR STARS- Colombian rocker and activist Juanes has celebrated many milestones in his 20-year career that include [multiple] Grammys, 23 Latin Grammys, and being named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. On Más Futuro Que Pasado (“More Future Than Past”), his eighth studio album, Juanes explores traditional folk forms and rhythms (cumbia, vallenato, guasca) alongside rock, hip hop, and R&B. Though he normally works alone, this 13-song set features a host of collaborators in front of and behind the microphone. Juanes co-produced most of the date with current charting producers including Andres & Mauricio (the crew behind “Despacito”), Mosty, Rafael Arcaute, Tainy, Luis Salazar, Ily Wonder, DVLP, Sky, and others. Further, the set’s advance singles have been collaborations with established stars Sebastian Yatra, Alessia Cara, and Christian Nodal, while other cuts feature up and coming talents… Opener “Aurora” features the emerging rapper Crudo Means Raw celebrating his and Juanes’ shared native city of Medellín with dubby reggaeton beats that rub against chunky rock & roll guitar as Crudo lands his rhymes in the pocket against Juanes sweet tenor singing. The use of marimbas, hand percussion, and loops and bleeps draws the listener right into its steamy magic. “Tequila,” with Christian Nodal, is a song mourning lost love framed by fat cumbia beats, nylon-string guitars, accordion, and sweet vocal harmonies. “Mala Manera” is a pop guasca with fingerpicked acoustic and electric guitars, rim shot backbeats, and swirling sonic effects in the backdrop as Juanes delivers a bittersweet farewell to a lover who has trouble with the truth. Current single and video “Bonita” features Sebastian Yatra in an infectious fusion of vallenato and reggaeton rhythms framing a midtempo soul groove. The marriage of cumbia and vallenato in the title track is an anthem to committed love that looks squarely at the horizon, not in the rearview. Its hook is irresistible and Juanes’ guitar break is one of the sexiest things on the album. “Mia Mia,” with Fuego, is a steamy meld of reggaeton and cumbia with staggered kick drums, piercing, melodic leads, and swampy organs and keys. The skittering, eros-drenched cumbia of the first advance single, “Pa’ Dentro” (a Latin Grammy winner), remains a highlight, while “Querer Mejor” with Alessia Cara is driven by a mutant Wurlitzer and sweeping lead guitar atop a steamy cumbia beat. The two singers entwine passionately with maximum panache. (There is also a Spanglish version.) Más Futuro Que Pasado is a hooky, rhythm-heavy study in why Juanes remains a prime mover in the mercurial world of Latin popular music. He is keenly aware of his strengths and is in command of them. He places them at the service of a mind open enough to learn from others. Two decades into his career, Juanes remains a musical seeker; he carefully integrates what attracts him into his own trademark style, creating a sound at once instantly recognizable and bracingly future forward.”



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